Unbenanntes Dokument

the arcor pratfall - pitfall

the whole story is best descibed here . arcor, one of the former bigger players in germany, was, like other providers there, compelled to confine the access to a well known video portal site (among similar, but smaller others) by a ridiculous event initiated by a larksome competitor. the only place to raise hell like this in that business is germany only. and unrivaled. no other half civilized place on earth would squander taxpayers' money in litigations between pornography distributors with such a fervency. anyway. these arcor nitwits only btw, did as they were told by some cockalorum, and set up their own nameservers to deliver a faked site or nothing at all if the ip address 74.86.111.? was requested (sorry for that invisible eight). this is dns stuff and not available to the masses, tg. if you do not follow the hints given here, your isp may do the same impudence to you as these arcor prats did to 2.3m germans: you're requesting a website and will receive something of what your provider adulterated. this is not a joke and also not a scaremongering. it is simply the truth.
the ads and popups you're bearing during internet surfing are not as fortuitous as you may think. they are localized by your ip address, exclusively assigned to you by your isp. the nameservers resolve your ip, e.g. to ppp-124-120-239-201.revip2.asianet.co.th, and so they know, that ads for rice woks and chopsticks would be the crackerjack. so don't be horrified next time when you want to see this and get that; it's all for your convenience, isnt' it? you're welcome!
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