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SIGFM virtualization - preparation & procedure

... the whole office in one hutch, ready?

just for example and clarification.

only one $5,000.00 computer and a small monthly fee around $50.00 can substitute an whole office like this: one windows™ server2003™ with mssql2005™ and ms exchange™ 2003 in the role of a pdc. we estimate 4g ram for this machine. the host system consumes about 1g if lavish. all other installed memory can be used by workstations and servers at your requirements. a voip pbx as well as a printserver, producing pdf's in mint condition. with the up-to-date multicore cpu's not more than a breeze.
now clear text: the dell™ powerEdge™ R805, configured with 8 cores and 32g ram will cost you about five thousand bucks, if shrewd calculated and purchased. this one can substitute the server mentioned above in addition to up to fifteen windows™ xp™ workstations, even eight to ten windows vista™ machines instead, and such necessary devices as router, firewall, web-, dns- and mailserver, printers and a fon- and faxmachine, an ordinary use assumed. no costs for electricity anymore. not ever twenty susceptible harddisc drives in eighteen miscellaneous computers but four selected drives in one server. mirrored, monitored, secure.
you don't have to go to work: your work is present at your command, independent to your current location. your field service has no plea anymore. you made a serious mistake? no problem. the machines are backed up frequently. never ever more you've to become furious because of a slackly cable deep under the desk, the printer works well all the times and so much more pleasantness ... you don't need vacations anymore, life will be an easiness from now.

you see, this is inconceivable. you've got the idea? on the spur of the moment e-mail us, jauntily.