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SIGFM virtualization - accomplishment & amazement

... the whole office in one hutch, it works!

if your idea matured, we should contact.

the only thing you have to do is to deliver the adequate software licenses and to tell us, what has to work in which way and how together at all. we install, configure and transfer the virtual machines to your host system remotely at your instigation after a minimal system was installed by the customer at command and guided by phone optionally. after transferring the vm's to the host system we configure the network, test the arrangement and finish by handing over the main servers passwords to the sponsor.
as a matter of course, we stay in close contact, introductory at least. naturally, we offer to administer the whole project for your light heartedness.
you may turn your focus on the really important thing in life with a sort of reassurance. turn on your display and 'one-click' connect to the server from every place worldwide providing internet access. do some work now (or switch off the display instantaneously if swamped with orders). meanwhile, your printings and documents arrived in your mailbox for further use.
that is freedom at its highest manner. in the financial regimented western world, at least.

and now the astonishment, the unexpected and sudden surprise:
the time to install a fifteen client windows network including all major services, ready for use with all your data? about five working days. it is more a question of transfer rates. potentially, the collection of your data lasts longer...
one important thing is not to conceal. no macos, whatsoever, as well as no gamers (for indemnification, they may create as much gameserver as they can). we're sorry.